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*NEW * Monitoring Results Update 11-13 (4mb) 

*NEW * Preliminary Monitoring Results 8-13 (6mb) 

*NEW * Preliminary Monitoring Results 2-13 (8mb) 

Final As-Built Report 10-12 (28mb) 

Lab Testing Summary (177k) 

AMEC_QA-Interim_Report_3-12 (8.0mb) 

Post-Construction Report on 1000' Test Barrier (5.7mb)

Summary of Model Results for the L-31N Seepage Barrier 8-2011 (7.9mb)

L-31N seepage barrier 2 miles - monitoring plan 11-2011 (324k)


Support Files for the Construction of the 2-Mile Barrier:

Scope of Work (37k)

Construction Plans for 2-Mile Barrier (9.0mb)

Technical Specs for CB Slurry Wall (89k)

Slurry Mix Design Report (1.7mb)

Levee Seepage Stability Letter (84k)

Levee Seepage Stability Figures (70k)

Presentation to Lake Belt Mitigation Committee (1.7mb)