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L-31N Phase 2 As-Built drawing (1.4mb)

L-31N phase 1 GCY As-Built drawing (1.2mb)

L-31N Phase 1 As-Built Report (28.0mb) 

Mit Committee meeting L-31N Seepage Barrier 7-15-16 (2.0mb) 

Phase2-As-Built-Report 6-2016 (125mb) 

Mit Committee meeting L-31N WRAP 4-22-14 (2.5mb) 

Mit Committee meeting L-31N Monitoring 4-22-14 (10.2mb) 

Addendum Acreage - WRAP Update 3-14 (11k) 

Mit Committee meeting L-31N next steps 3-5-14 (4.1mb) 

Monitoring Results Update 11-13 (3.9mb) 

Addendum_L31N_model_output final report 4-13 (4.1mb) 

L-31N project memo to Committee - 10-11 meeting (1mb) 

L-31N project memo to Committee - 9-11 meeting (1mb) 

WRAP scoring approach - L-31N seepage barrier 9-23-11 (212k) 

Model Workshop Presentation 9-11 (2.3mb) 

WRAP Workshop Presentation 9-11 (1mb)

Summary of Model Results for the L-31N Seepage Barrier 8-2011 (7.9mb)